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meet the team


meet lindsey

Lindsey Craig has been impacting interiors since 2008, and impacting homes since 2020.  She was previously in the commercial interior design industry where she was a Partner at a leading Commercial Furniture Rep Group in Houston, TX.  With her previous experience on large scale commercial projects, she brings a unique skill set into the residential market, including: managing multiple multimillion dollar projects, understanding budgets, timeline management, and problem solving through creativity in design. 


Lindsey grew up in New Orleans, a city that was filled with amazing architecture and a rich art culture.  This solidified her passion for design, architecture, and art!  George Rodrigue, the infamous "Blue Dog" creator continues to be one of her favorite artists. She pursued a path in architecture and interior design at Louisiana Tech University, graduating with her Interior Design Degree.  


Lindsey is passionate about shaping the space that influences people's daily lives.   This is a feat that should not be taken lightly!  She understands the complexity of how to bring form and function together in a beautifully elevated space, all while meeting each client's individual needs. 


Lindsey loves people, her family, and sees the beauty in the simplest of things.


meet jana

Jana Phillips joined Lindsey Craig Interiors in January 2022 as our Project Manager.


Jana’s goal is to help our business stay organized and complete all timelines by working with our designers and vendors to create systems that allow the design team to do what they do best…design!

In her free time, you can find Jana enjoying her family and friends and she is always up for any travel adventures.

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